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Socially Responsible tech Research

¡Hola! I'm Victoria Martín del Campo, an everlearning Data Science developer with a focus on social good. My journey has led me from philosophy to AI ethics, shaping my approach to technology. I've explored tech research and development, blending AI with social impact initiatives. My tenure at the Ministry of Justice in Mexico City honed my skills in applying AI to legal and ethical challenges. I'm committed to using AI, particularly in NLP, to support and uplift communities, ensuring technology serves as a force for positive change in society. 

hobbies and interests
  • Programming languages: Python, R, Stata, SQL, HTML

  • Languages: Spanish (native), English(C1), French (B2)

  • Volunteer Activities: 

  • For Humanity - Contributor, the sole representative for Latin America.

  • Eurekai - educational tech & society podcast. 

  • Pastimes: Go, Latinamerican Poetry, Ukulele

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